How to add a delivery company

Welcm’s delivery handling features allow you to add delivery company names and notification details to your sign in system.

Turning on “select company” on your device setup page means couriers are presented with a choice of companies and can select which company they are from. It also gives you the opportunity to notify different people / departments depending where the delivery is from.

Perhaps your post room needs notifying if it’s standard post, your warehouse needs notifying when Courier Company A arrives or all your staff need notifying when it’s the lunch van.

Once the courier has selected which company they are from you can also give them the opportunity to select whether they require a signature or not.

In this brief tutorial we explain how to add a company in the “Delivery Companies” page on your Welcm system.

If you need any further assistance on this subject or anything else please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Add delivery company step 1

Step 1

Click “Add”

Add delivery company step 2

Step 2

Enter the delivery company details then click “Add”

Add delivery company step

Step 3

All done!

You will see a temporary alert notifying you that the addition was successful.

You will also notice the company has been added to the list