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Custom Plan

Custom Plan

Bespoke development, integrations and more
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Visitor management designed just for you
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Welcm's Custom Plan allows us to create a bespoke visitor management system for your organisation. Many or our Custom Plan customers discovered that, whilst there was no shortage of visitor management systems available, none met their specific requirements.

This has, in the past, meant a very large capital expenditure to have a bespoke system built from scratch. We have addressed this by offering our Custom Plan. Features, integrations, customisations and more can be added with no up-front cost. The Custom Plan is provided on a SaaS basis and falls within operational expenses.

A Custom Plan from Welcm provides a bespoke solution which includes all products (web app, iPad app, iPhone companion app) and features available in Welcm’s Premium Plan; SLA based support and any customisation as required.

As a Custom Plan customer you receive your own, dedicated instance of the Welcm web app (the visitor management system dashboard). The dedicated web app will be accessed via a unique URL (e.g. https:// The option of a local install on your own servers is also available.

You will receive a dedicated version of the Welcm visitor sign in iPad app, accessible only to your organisation via the App Store. The iPad app will be customised as required. A dedicated version of the iPhone companion app will also be made available via the App Store.

SLA based support is provided as part of your Custom Plan. In addition to support, on-going software development services can be included within your Custom Plan. This enables your solution to grow over time with new features and customisation developed specifically to your requirements without changing your monthly charge. If included as part of your Custom Plan, preferential rates are offered. Alternatively new features and customisations can be added on an ad-hoc basis, charged as one-off projects at our Standard Rate.


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Creating custom integrations is one of the most widely used aspects of our Custom Plan. Integrating your existing systems with your new visitor management system is often an essential requirement for organisations.

Visitor management system integrations can be required for a wide variety of reasons but the end goal is almost always to create a unified solution that allows the visitor management system to fit seamlessly into the existing software suite.

Our developers and customer success team will work with you to ensure we understand both the technical and business requirements of the integration.

We have extensive experience of integrating 3rd party systems with the Welcm visitor management system. Examples of integrations we have carried out include the following:

  • Integrate room booking system with visitor management system for a UK government department and a telecoms company.
    • These integrations allowed visitor bookings created in the room booking systems to be automatically added as pre-registered visitors to Welcm
  • Integrate access control system with visitor management system for an events management company and a chemicals manufacturer.
    • This integration allowed for staff sign in using existing access cards and a staff card swap facility. Card swaps were administered via Welcm with the access control system updated automatically.
  • Integrate a digital signage system with visitor management system for an insurance provider.
    • This integration allowed visitor names (3rd party insurance brokers) currently in the building to be displayed on digital signage around the building.

Features & Customisations

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Our visitor management system is built along a fine line of making sure it has the features most organisations require but without including more niche features that would unnecessarily complicate the system for most customers. However our bespoke visitor management systems delivered under the Custom Plan allow us to add niche features as required.

Features that already exist are also customisable. This could be changing the way a particular feature works, changing styling or anything else that is required.

Our developers and customer success team will work with you to ensure we understand both the technical and business requirements of the changes you require.

Examples of feature additions and customisations we have carried out include the following:

  • Adding a contractor sign in flow.
    • This provided an additional button on the visitor sign in app specifically for contractors to use. The sign in flow included additional fields not included on existing flows (visitor, staff, deliveries).
  • Customisation of the visitor sign in app to match corporate branding.
    • Whilst Welcm provides the ability to add custom messages, corporate logos and backgrounds to the visitor sign in app; additional customisation was required. New button styles were created and fonts were changed.
  • Customisation of automated emails.
    • Welcm's visitor management system sends automated emails for a number of reasons. These include visitor arrival notifications, meeting invitations and login instructions. To match corporate brand guidelines these were changed to add the customer's branding.
  • Adding a photo to staff records.
    • This allowed a photo of the host to be displayed upon sign in to help visitors who had not met their host before recognise them when the host came to reception to collect them.
  • Adding a "rate your visit" survey as part of the visitor sign out flow.
    • This was a single screen at the end of the sign out flow which asked the visitor to rate their visit on a 1 - 3 scale. Ratings could be provided anonymously if desired by the visitor. Rating statistics were accessible to the customer via their visitor management system dashboard.


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Welcm provides easy access to all data collected by the visitor management system. Data can be exported in order to create custom reports. There are also quick-reference statistics displayed on your visitor management system dashboard. For customers who wish to have custom reports but do not have time to create them from the available data we can help with our Custom Plan.

As part of a Custom Plan, reports can be automatically created and displayed within the visitor management system dashboard. Reports can take the form of specific raw data in table form or represented visually in graphs and charts as required.

Our developers and customer success team will work with you to ensure we understand both the technical and business requirements of the custom reports requested.

Examples of custom reporting from the visitor management system include the following:

  • Numbers of ad hoc visitors versus number of pre-booked visitors.
    • This report allowed our customers to move towards their intended goal of ensuring all visitors were booked in for a meeting in advance of their arrival.
  • Number of visits on each day of the week.
    • This report allowed our customers facilities management teams to accurately assess which days were the busiest in terms of visitor footfall and allocate resources more efficiently. It also allowed reception teams to use staff time more efficiently.
  • Number of visits per department.
    • This report allowed our customer to see which departments were hosting the most visitors. This enabled more accurate charging of cost centres within the organisation.
  • Number of visitor sign ins by device.
    • This report allowed our customer to place their visitor sign in kiosks in the most appropriate locations within their large reception area. By seeing precisely what proportion of visitors were using each kiosk they were able to ensure kiosks were positioned in the correct place to improve the visitor experience as much as possible and ensure the best ROI.


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Visitor arrival notifications are a hugely important piece of a visitor management system. With email notifications, Slack notifications and push notifications delivered via our companion app, most customers have their requirements covered. For our customers who have more specific notification methods in mind, we are able to cover them with a Custom Plan.

Our developers and customer success team will work with you to ensure we understand both the technical and business requirements of the requested notification method.

Additional notification methods we have provided include the following:

  • Notifications sent via existing room booking system.
    • The customer requesting this method had been using a room booking system for a number of years and the application was permanently active on all employees' PCs. The system had a notification tool built in and we were able to enable Welcm to send notifications through the room booking app installed on each employee's PC. This meant there were no process changes for employees who could now get the benefits of Welcm without having to use a new tool.
  • Notifications sent via internal instant messaging tool.
    • Our customer used a bespoke IM system within their organisation to allow employees to quickly and easily communicate with their colleagues wherever they were based. We modified the Welcm notification for them so the visitor management system was added to the IM tool and employees would receive visitor arrival notifications direct to their chat window.

On-Site Deployment

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Welcm is hosted by us in a secure, 100% renewable energy powered data centre in the UK. Some customers however require their systems to be hosted locally. This is generally due to particular accreditations they hold that require this of them. In these instances we are able to offer an on-site deployment of their visitor management system.

Our developers and customer success team will work with you to ensure the correct services and hardware are available for the on-site deployment.