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Product Development Roadmap
product roadmap icon. drawing of 2 people standing in front of a scrum board.
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At Welcm we want to involve our customers in our journey. We believe we will make a better virtual reception and visitor management system for you if we are transparent about our plans and interact with you. To that end we have created a public Trello board to show our product roadmap.

The board will give you an insight into what we’re working on and what we’ve got lined up. You can vote for features you are particularly keen on and we’ll use those votes to help us prioritise our work. Please don’t be too sad though if the order in which we develop stuff doesn’t directly match the number of votes… sometimes we have to do things in a particular order.

There may be some things that we work on that we won’t be able to share the details of for reasons outside of our control. However we will share that there is some super-secret, stealth work going on and, if possible, give you a high level view of what it is!

If you have a particular feature you would love to be added to Welcm but don’t see a card for it you can request a feature through the app or via our website. It is always exciting to see what awesome ideas you have!

Please keep passing on your comments, questions, feedback and suggestions. You can use our contact form, email us, send us a tweet or contact us via the app. We respond to everything.

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