Visitor management systems for a 24 hour reception

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Not all reception areas close when the 9-5 workers go home. A reception area that needs to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week brings challenges that are hard to overcome. Hard to overcome using traditional tools at least.
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Hiring staff who can keep a reception area attended at all times can be very difficult. It can also be very expensive. Leaving reception areas unattended for long periods of time outside of core business hours can seem the best option from a bad selection. A visitor management system can be the ideal solution for organisations faced with this situation.

Visitor management systems like Welcm are designed to run all the time. They can also function just as well in the absence of a member of staff. Welcm can also record arrivals and departures of night staff, helping ensure safety.

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Security can also be a more significant concern out of business hours. Secure enclosures ensure that your sign in devices are safe. Welcm’s software is also designed with security in mind. Data is not stored on the device itself so there is no way to access any personal data from the sign in device. With Guided Access mode enabled, it is also impossible to access the iPad’s home screen.

Welcm’s intuitive visitor facing iPad app allows visitors to interact with ease. They will know how to sign in without any instructions from a member of the reception staff. Simple on-screen instructions and a familiar look and feel help them through.

Automatic notifications are the final piece of the puzzle. Night staff and security personnel are always made aware when a visitor or goods delivery signs in.

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