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Why Welcm?

Welcm Saves You Money


Save thousands by automating your reception area

Welcm Improves Your Brand

Your Brand

A modern, smart-building
visitor experience

Welcm Improves Safety

Safety & Security

Track visitors and staff
more effectively

Welcm Is Customisable

Your Experience

Create the branded reception experience that you require

What is Welcm?

Welcm is a cloud-based Visitor Management System. It allows you to manage your visitors more effectively. There are three separate but linked apps that make up Welcm.

The Virtual Reception App (the bit on your touchscreen device)

This is what your visitors, delivery companies and staff will use to sign in to and out of your building. This app is free, you can have as many as you like and you can customise each one individually.

The Cloud Admin App (the bit you use on your computer’s browser)

This is what you pay for and what you use to administer your Visitor Management System (e.g. add hosts, view your visitors’ details).

The Smartphone App (the bit you carry around with you)

This is for your staff. It will let staff sign in to the building without the need to use the Virtual Reception, allow them to manage their visitors and be notified of their arrival. The app even has a special section for your Fire Wardens so they can manage evacuations safely and more easily. This app is also free and you can have as many as you like.


Welcm on 3 devices

When is Welcm here?

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