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Free 15 day trial of all Premium features. Early Adopter pricing for life if you upgrade to a Premium Account after your trial!

Why Welcm?

Save <br /> Money


Customise <br /> Your Experience

Your Experience

Through extensive market research and working very closely with numerous businesses we have designed Welcm around what you actually need.
The unnecessary clutter and niche features found in many visitor management systems have been removed. The result is a visitor management system that is easy to set up and easy to use. This ensures that engagement within your business sticks and your goals are achieved.
Our pricing is easy to manage and even easier to understand. There is one price for Welcm and you will pay that price as long as you hold a Welcm account. The amount you pay will never go up, even when our prices do, and there are no additional charges for anything.
Your visitors will be greeted by an intuitive sign in system that can be customised to reflect your brand. No more scrappy paper sign in books to apologise for, just a great first impression to be proud of.
Whether you wish to operate an unattended reception area, provide support to your reception staff or simply modernise your reception area Welcm will work for you.

What our customers say...

  • I'm not that tech-minded but this app is really good and very easy to use. Your staff were very friendly and helpful too. I thought this was all going to be much harder than it has proved.

    Facilities Manager
  • So much better than our old visitor book! At last we have a reception that reflects our business. Welcm is a big part of that change. We're looking forward to seeing what comes next.

    Managing Director
    Line In
  • Our visitors like it, our staff certainly like the fact they don't have to answer the reception phone anymore, I liked the support you gave and my boss likes the price. Four from four. Well done. 

    Office Manager
    Cooper Construction
Improve <br />Your Brand

Your Brand

Improve <br />Safety & Security

Safety & Security

What is Welcm?

Welcm All-In-One is a Virtual Reception and Visitor Management System in a single app available for iPad. The Virtual Reception greets your visitors with an intuitive visitor sign in system. The Visitor Management System allows you to manage your visitors more effectively and customise your Virtual Reception.

The Virtual Reception

This is what your visitors will use to sign in to and out of your building. This iPad app is free to download and you will receive a 15 day free trial of our Premium features when you sign up for an account. You can upgrade your account to access the Premium features after your free trial. There is no limit to how many Virtual Reception devices you can use with your account and you can customise each one individually. No matter how many Virtual Reception devices you use you will pay the same.

The Visitor Management System

This is what you use to administer your Virtual Reception. All customisation is contained here as is all the information about your visitors. All visitor data collected by the Virtual Reception is searchable and can be exported for reporting purposes or used as a roll call in the event of an evacuation.

Welcm visitor management system - 3 iPad - visitor sign in Acme

Want to find out more?

We’re working hard, developing and testing. Stay up to date using our publicly available product roadmap!

Remember you will receive Early Adopter pricing for life if you upgrade to a Premium Account for Welcm All-In-One, the Virtual Reception and Visitor Management System for iPad!

Free 15 day trial of all Premium features. Early Adopter pricing for life if you upgrade to a Premium Account after your trial!