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About Us

About Us

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At Welcm we are acutely aware of our individual and collective impact on the environment and so do as much as we can to minimise that impact. We only use green web hosting solutions. This means all hosting servers and cooling systems are powered by renewable energy.

We only utilise electricity for our energy needs and our usage is from 100% renewable sources. All our lighting is from energy saving lightbulbs and all appliances are low power units.

We are firm believers that re-use is better than recycling so we re-use as much as we possibly can. Envelopes, bubble wrap and cardboard boxes all get re-used. If we can’t re-use something then it gets recycled provided we’re sure no-one else can re-use it. If someone else can re-use it then it gets duly donated. Whenever we need to buy or replace anything we will look for suitable pre-used items. For example, all our office furniture is pre-used.

We also encourage remote working for all our colleagues. If we don't need to be in the office, we won't be in the office. Not only does this keep our commuting carbon footprint to a minimum but the improvement in work-life balance has made for a more creative and productive team.

If you would like to discuss any issues raised here please do get in touch.

Product Development Principles

Product Development Principles

We Create For The Customer

We’ve questioned, we’ve listened and we’ve discussed. Guesswork is no good to anyone. Welcm needs to be what our customers need it to be.

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We Design For The User

Keep it quick, keep it clean and keep it simple.

Our design team has spent years designing self-service touchscreen interfaces and web apps.

Your Welcm virtual reception is the culmination of our combined experience and field research.

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We Test, Test, Test And Test Again

Ever felt like you were an unofficial tester for software vendors? The new operating system that keeps going wrong or the app that keeps crashing after updating.

Annoying right? We agree.

Other companies may consider it acceptable to use their customers as testers. We do not.

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We Collaborate

We work with our customers, work with our users and work with each other to ensure Welcm is the best it can be.

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Our Partners

Our Partners

Welcm Software

Our bespoke development partner, now part of Welcm Limited, built and maintain this website.

Together we design and build Welcm Custom solutions.

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Thanks to our friend Benjamin Tissot at Bensound for composing the music for our videos.

Ben is a composer and musician based in France. Check out his music on the Bensound website.

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Created by Katerina Limpitsouni with Aggelos Gesoulis. They don't ask for credit but we think they more than deserve it.

Check out their work at undraw.co.

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Rosendahl Conceptkiosk

Our fantastic kiosk hardware is delivered by our friends at Rosendahl.

With their user-friendly approach to service they are perfectly placed to help you through the purchase, install and support of your virtual reception kiosk.

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