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System Explanation

System Explanation

What is Welcm?

Welcm is a Visitor Management System made up of three separate apps: a visitor-facing Virtual Reception, an online Dashboard and a staff companion app. The Dashboard is accessed via your web browser, the Virtual Reception is available as an iPad app and the companion app is available for iPhone. The Virtual Reception greets your visitors, delivery personnel and staff with an intuitive sign in system. The Dashboard allows you to manage your reception more effectively and customise your Virtual Reception. The companion app provides a number of useful features for you staff.

Who is Welcm for?

Welcm will provide a number of benefits to organisations of all sizes, regardless of industry.

How does Welcm work?

Visitors, staff and couriers can all sign into a building using the iPad virtual reception. Features such as photo capture and badge printing can be enabled as part of the sign in process. All collected data is stored securely in your browser-based admin portal / dashboard. Notifications are sent to hosts once their visitor has signed in.

What are the technical requirements?

The virtual reception app requires an iPad Air or newer model. Both the 11" iPad and 12.9" iPad are compatible. The web app works on all modern browsers. The companion app is compatible with iPhones running iOS version 11 or newer.

Is it easy to set up and use?

Absolutely! Welcm helps you through every step of your setup and requires no specialist technical skills. If you can use a computer and a tablet you already know how to use Welcm.

How secure is Welcm?

We treat your data very carefully. In depth information can be found in the small print section of our website. With the removal of your paper sign in book there is also no more salespeople thumbing through your visitors’ details seeing which companies have visited which hosts!

Do I have to be in the office to manage Welcm?

No! Your visitor management system dashboard is accessed via your web browser. This means that if you have an internet connection you can manage Welcm. Whether you’re in the office, at home or on the train… just please don’t use it in the car (unless you’re a passenger)!



What is a Device?

This is an iPad that you install in your reception area. It is what visitors, staff and couriers use to sign into your building.

What is a Host?

A Host is a member of staff whom visitors can select on the Virtual Reception device. Not every member of staff has to be a host so, for example, if your CEO does not want to be shown on the Virtual Reception they do not have to be.

What is a Visitor?

A Visitor is anyone who arrives at your reception area excluding members of your staff. They may be someone attending a pre-arranged meeting, a courier, your lunch delivery service, a salesperson, an interviewee or any ad-hoc guest.

What is a User?

A User is any member of staff who is given access to your system. We recommend all staff members have access to Welcm as they can manage their profile and visitors from the system (coming soon). We have a range of easy-to-manage user permissions so you can make sure each member of staff only has access to the parts of the system they need.

What is a Location?

Simply put, a Location is your office. If you are from a geographically dispersed organisation with several offices in different places you have several locations but you will still only need a single Welcm account.

What is a Notification?

A Notification is a message that lets a member of staff or a department know that someone has arrived for them in reception. These are all sent automatically by your Virtual Reception.



We have a receptionist – what would Welcm add?

Receptionists are some of the busiest employees in a high footfall office and have many more duties than registering visitors, notifying staff of a visitor’s arrival and handling deliveries. If those elements of their role can be removed they are free to concentrate on more valuable tasks and can provide a higher level of customer service to your visitors when required.

How does Welcm improve productivity?

“Hello. I’m here to see Jon”. “Erm… he’s not at his desk. Hang on please… has anybody seen Jon?”. If you don’t employ a receptionist everybody within earshot is distracted and loses focus on their work for a few minutes. Then of course if you do have a receptionist someone who is paid to do other work has to manage the reception area at lunch time or when your receptionist has time off . These and other problems are removed when Welcm takes control of your reception area.

Can Welcm really save me thousands?

Absolutely! Increases in productivity, automation of time-consuming tasks and less time wasted all saves your business money. The average salary for a receptionist is around £20,000 so you can expect to save over £18,000 every year on salaries alone. That’s not to mention that Welcm never takes time off nor does it need a lunch break!



Can I put my company’s logos on my Virtual Reception Device?

Absolutely! With the Welcm Visitor Management System you can add your logo, add background images and change the welcome message displayed on your Virtual Reception.

I don’t need all the features – will I get them anyway?

Yes. We give everyone everything but let you turn features on and off easily and at will. This means you can have exactly what you want and can change your mind at any time without it affecting your account or billing. No more compromising on features, no more guessing what you want before you’ve used a visitor management system, no more unexpected bills, no more running out of credits, no more hassle. Welcm is designed for you and by you.

I don’t want to show a list of employees to visitors – can I still use Welcm?

Yes. You can easily turn off host selection which is great for managing events or on restricted sites.



How does the trial work?

You can try Welcm for free for an unlimited period of time by creating a Standard account. You will get all the features that you will find in our Premium plan. The Standard Plan is limited to one location, 100 staff and 30 visitors per day. Once you have assessed Welcm you can remove these limits by upgrading to a Premium account. This is done in your dashboard.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No! Welcm is available on a monthly subscription basis. You can cancel anytime.

How do I pay for Welcm?

You can pay for Welcm with a credit or debit card. Subscriptions and billing are managed in the Billing section of your dashboard

Are there any hidden fees?

No! We have one price and for that you get everything Welcm has to offer.

What are the terms and conditions?

You can view our T’s & C’s, Privacy Policy and Data Policy online anytime. Your use of Welcm constitutes your acceptance of our terms.

Does the price include taxes?

No. Prices are ex-VAT.



Do you sell the hardware I need?

Absolutely! We sell a selection of hardware solutions to meet most requirements. Check out our hardware page for more information.

I already have hardware – can I use that?

Absolutely! If it is in our compatibility list, you can use it. You do not need to buy any hardware through us if you don’t need to.