About Welcm

We Create For The Customer

We’ve questioned, we’ve listened and we’ve discussed. Guesswork is no good to anyone. Welcm needs to be what our customers need it to be.

We Design For The User

Keep it quick, keep it clean and keep it simple. Our design team has spent years designing self-service touchscreen interfaces. Your Welcm virtual reception is the culmination of our combined experience and field research.

We Test, Test, Test And Test Again

Ever felt like you were an unofficial tester for software vendors? The new operating system that keeps going wrong or the app that keeps crashing after updating. Annoying right? We agree. Other companies may consider it acceptable to use their customers as testers. We do not.

We Collaborate

We work with our customers, work with our users and work with each other. We are one.

Our Partners

Press Go

So we can concentrate on what we do best our friends at Press Go concentrate on what they do best… designing our beautiful website.


Thanks to our friend Benjamin Tissot at Bensound for composing the music for our videos. Ben is a composer and musician based in France. Check out his music on the Bensound website.

Vectors Market

Beautiful, unique and exciting. We love our icons and we hope you do too. Our thanks go out to our friends at Vectors Market for creating our icons.
Vectors Market

Rosendahl Conceptkiosk

Our fantastic kiosk hardware is delivered by our friends at Rosendahl. With their user-friendly approach to service they are perfectly placed to help you through the purchase, install and support of your virtual reception kiosk.