Custom Reports from your Visitor Management System

Custom Reports from your Visitor Management System

In this article we look at examples of custom reporting solutions we have created and what benefits they brought

In this article we look at examples of custom reporting solutions we have created and what benefits they brought
Custom Reports from your Visitor Management System


Organisations use visitor management systems for a range of reasons. From simply wanting to create a better first impression for visitors through to analysing data to make informed decisions enabling them to cut their energy usage. Welcm gives easy access to data collected by the system. The data can be exported enabling our customers to then assess it as they wish.

However, some organisations require additional data to that which is included in our standard packages and some require in depth reports to be included within their visitor management system. For these organisations Welcm Custom allows them to achieve their goals.

How it Works

A Welcm Custom visitor management system gives our customers their own version of Welcm and all it's associated apps... the dashboard, the visitor sign in iPad app and the companion iPhone app. Using these custom made apps we can collect additional data if required or simply display data that is already captured in easy to use graphs and charts.

Whatever the requirements are, reports will be accessible via the customer's dashboard giving them quick, easy access to the data and reports. They can even be automatically sent to relevant members of staff as required.

Our Experience

Examples of custom reporting using data collected from Welcm Custom visitor management systems include the following:

Data: Ad hoc visitors versus pre-booked visitors

Business Requirement: Data was collated on the number of visitors who had been booked in for a meeting and the number of ad hoc visitors (i.e. those who did not have a meeting booked in Welcm). The customer had a goal of booking in all visitors prior to their arrival. This report allowed the customer to track the success of the new process and provide additional training on the process to members of staff who were not following it correctly.

Data: Number of visits separated by days of the week

Business Requirement: The customer wished to assess visitor footfall levels to see whether there was a pattern over time. In doing so this enabled the facilities management team to allocate resources more efficiently. It also allowed the Reception Manager to make sure their team was using their time efficiently. The desk could be more heavily staffed during periods that were expected to be busy whilst being tasked with other projects during quieter times.

Data: Visitors per department

Business Requirement: The customer wished to charge relevant cost centres within the organisation for the costs associated with visitors attending site. Generating reports of visitor numbers based on the hosting department allowed the costs to be shared more fairly amongst department budgets. The organisation could see exactly what proportion of visitors were visiting each department.

Data: Visitor sign ins per device

Business Requirement: Our customer had a large reception area with six visitor sign in points as well as a staffed reception desk. Placement of visitor sign in points in a large reception area is important to ensure maximum usage of the visitor management system and minimum wait time for those visitors choosing to use the staffed reception desk to sign in. We added in the ability to collect data on which sign in point had been used when a visitor signed in. This allowed the organisation to see which sign in points were being used the most and which were being under-used. With this information to hand the customer was able to ensure the visitor sign in points were located in the best place to achieve their goals of reducing wait times at the reception desk, improving visitor experience and ensuring the best return on their investment.

If you have any questions about bespoke reporting as part of your visitor management system please get in touch.

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