Custom Visitor Management Systems

Custom Visitor Management Systems

An overview of Welcm Custom. A new way to deliver organisations a bespoke visitor management system.

An overview of Welcm Custom. A new way to deliver organisations a bespoke visitor management system.
Custom Visitor Management Systems


For organisations with very specific requirements and ideas it can be hard, if not impossible, to find a visitor management system that fits their needs. To address the needs of these organisations we have created Welcm Custom. Welcm Custom provides bespoke visitor management systems to our customers. Bespoke visitor management systems provided via Welcm Custom are built on the same tried and tested technology that is present in our standard products. Because of this, organisations can be confident of a robust product which can be delivered more quickly than a system built from scratch.

Alongside the benefits of building a custom visitor management system from a tried and tested product, Welcm Custom also removes another blocker preventing organisations from procuring a solution that perfectly meets their need. The high up-front costs.

A visitor management system built from scratch will cost tens of thousands of Pounds / Dollars / Euros... sometimes even stretching into a six figure sum for a particularly complex or feature rich system. Welcm Custom provides bespoke visitor management systems on a SaaS basis. This means no large up-front cost. Instead a predictable, easy to budget for monthly / annual plan is offered. This allows the system to sit within operational expenses and not use up a significant chunk of the capital expenses budget. 

What do organisations get?

The delivered solution varies from customer to customer but a Welcm Custom visitor management system can include:

  • New features that are not part of the standard Welcm product
  • Integrations with 3rd party tools of other bespoke software
  • Alterations to existing features
  • Visitor sign in flow changes
  • Bespoke reporting tools
  • Multi-lingual facility
  • On-site deployment

Whatever customisations are required by an organisation, Welcm Custom will always deliver all products contained in Welcm's standard and premium plans. This means the online dashboard, the iPad sign in app and the iPhone companion app. Alongside the products, organisations also receive priority, SLA-based support. 

The visitor management system dashboard will be delivered as a dedicated instance regardless of how many or how few customisations are made. This means you access the dashboard at a unique URL (e.g. We would normally host the dashboard using our 100% green web hosting solutions however we are able to provide an on-site install if required.

We will also create dedicated versions of both the iPad sign in app and iPhone companion app. These are delivered via the App Store but are only available to your organisation. Both of these apps can be customised to meet an organisations specific visitor management requirements.

What happens if we need to make changes?

For organisations with a product roadmap in mind we offer on-going software development services. These can be included in your custom plan and, if so, they are offered at a rate lower than our standard ad-hoc development rates.

By including development days in a custom plan, organisations are able to grow their visitor management system over time without changing their monthly / annual fee. This means that new features and customisations can be developed as required and changes to existing software landscapes can be easily accommodated. Even if an organisation opts not to include development days within their custom plan, new features and customisations can still be added as and when required, charged as one-off projects at our standard rate.


Off-the-shelf visitor management systems offer a good degree of flexibility but cannot adequately meet the needs of all organisations. Bespoke software allows organisations to get the exact solution they require but it is extremely expensive. Welcm Custom addresses both of these issues and creates an affordable, bespoke visitor management system that precisely fits an organisation's needs.

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