Customisable or Custom Visitor Management System

Customisable or Custom Visitor Management System

We look into off-the-shelf and custom-made visitor management systems. Which is right for your organisation?

We look into off-the-shelf and custom-made visitor management systems. Which is right for your organisation?
Customisable or Custom Visitor Management System


Organisations make the decision to start using a visitor management system for visitor sign in (sometimes staff sign in and delivery handling too) for a range of reasons. It could be for security reasons right through to simply wanting to give a better first impression to visitors than a paper visitor sign in book will do.

Choosing the right visitor management system can be a difficult task. If you’re in the process of doing so you might find our visitor management system buyers’ guide useful.

The majority of visitor management systems are customisable and have similar features (such as visitor photo capture, visitor arrival notifications, visitor booking etc). But what do you do when your organisation has specific requirements that are not met by the off-the-shelf customisable solutions that are available? You talk to us at Welcm about a custom visitor management system… or keep reading and then do so!


If you sign up for a free account with Welcm you will see that the off-the-shelf visitor management system we provide is highly customisable. You can turn features on or off, edit messages, customise you visitor sign in iPad with your logos and custom backgrounds and much more. This gives you a great deal of flexibility and means that our visitor management system has all the features and tools that most businesses need.

This self-service customisation works very well for almost all organisations. Most organisations don’t use all of the features available, instead setting up their visitor sign in iPads and dashboard to only have the features and sign in steps they require.

However, an off-the-shelf visitor management system (or any product for that matter) is never going to be able to meet the requirements for every single organisation. You’d end up with a horrendously complicated product that instead of being useable by everyone would be usable by no-one.


For organisation whose requirements are not met by off-the-shelf customisable visitor management systems, a custom visitor management system is going to be required. By “custom” we mean a system built specifically for that customer.

In the past having a visitor management system built was a costly, time-consuming exercise. Generally the system would be built by a software development company that, whilst no doubt good at what they do, isn’t able to consult and offer advice on the visitor management system. They understandably just do what’s asked of them.

Costs can be very expensive as the developers are starting with an empty project and have to build everything from scratch. Customers will also be expected to have paid for the entirety of the system on, or very shortly after, it is delivered as a functioning piece of software. This means the customer needs to have very deep pockets.

We create our custom visitor management systems differently. 

Custom visitor management systems we create are built using the customisable off-the-shelf version of Welcm as the starting point. One of the benefits of this is how much faster a completed system can be delivered. The software created will also have been tried and tested by hundreds of organisations and hundreds of thousands of visitors across the world. This could simply not be achieved otherwise. 

We can then build in bespoke integrations, new features, new data storage solutions... whatever the customer requires.

All of this means that the customer ends up with a visitor management system that exactly fits their needs, whilst maintaining the level of security and stability that only a tried and tested piece of software can deliver.

Whilst one of our custom visitor management systems has a higher cost than our off-the-shelf packages, the way we deliver our systems keeps that cost as low as possible.

Despite delivering a custom piece of software, we provide the software on a SaaS basis. Normally bespoke software requires paying tens of thousands of pounds / dollars up-front plus thousands of pounds / dollars in annual support costs. Instead of this Welcm wraps up the product and support into a much more manageable monthly subscription package. The package is put together specifically for the customer. It can even include monthly retained software development services. Those services give the customer the opportunity to advance their system even more as time and requirements progress.

If your organisation has needs that can’t be met by other visitor management system providers please get in touch. We can discuss how Welcm can meet your needs where the others fail.

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