Free Visitor Management System For Small Businesses

Free Visitor Management System For Small Businesses

We look look at how a visitor management system can help small businesses and why ours is free

We look look at how a visitor management system can help small businesses and why ours is free
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A visitor management system may seem like the sort of thing that only larger businesses need. “Need” is a strong word though. There are numerous benefits to installing a visitor management system that small businesses would appreciate.

The Problems

It can sometimes be a struggle for small businesses to hold the same gravitas as the larger competitors. Small changes such as removing a paper sign in book and replacing it with an iPad based visitor sign in system is something that can boost your visitors’ first impression of your organisation. When visitors are often prospective customers, this is no small benefit.

Another common problem small businesses face is interruptions from visitor arrivals. Without a host-specific notification system, staff who need not have been interrupted by a visitor’s arrival end up being interrupted. As numerous studies show even a very small interruption can cause productivity loss of 15 minutes or more. Such lost time can ill be afforded by smaller businesses in particular.

How Welcm Helps

Those are just a couple of reasons why visitor management system can benefit smaller businesses. However one of if not the main reason small businesses avoid getting a visit to management system is the cost associated with it.

As a small business ourselves we are keen to give other small businesses the same tools larger businesses have. To this end we created our free pricing tier to suit small businesses. We do not remove any of the features. All we do is restrict numbers that will not affect the vast majority of small businesses. Namely:

  • Staff: 100
  • Visitors: 20 per day
  • Office locations: 1
  • Sign in devices: 1

The levels we have chosen are based on our experience and allow the vast majority of small businesses to use a very popular, feature-rich visitor management system for free.


Amongst others the core benefits for a small business are:

  • Improved visitor experience with quick, pre-booked sign in
  • GDPR compliant visitor records
  • Brand improvements with branded meeting invites and iPad sign in
  • Increased productivity through fewer interruptions
  • Improved health, safety and security


If you're a small business and you are looking for a visitor management system, look no further. Welcm will fit your needs and it's free. All you need is an iPad.

If you'd like to discuss your visitor management requirements with us please get in touch.

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