Visitor Management: Making A Better First Impression

Visitor Management: Making A Better First Impression

How to impress your visitors from the moment they step through your door

How to impress your visitors from the moment they step through your door
Visitor Management: Making A Better First Impression


Your reception area is a reflection of your brand and it is what creates a visitor’s first impression of your organisation. A lot of effort is put into how reception areas look and so it is important to make sure the experience is in line with the look. Welcm helps you create a great visitor experience that compliments the look and feel of your reception area / lobby.

Stay Up To Date

As digital sign in solutions become increasingly common, traditional paper sign in books look increasingly out-dated. After a couple of pages they also start to look very tatty and spoil the look of an otherwise tidy reception desk.2 ipads signed in ecosense

Replacing a paper sign in book with an iPad brings your reception desk up to date with current, popular technology.


Once you’ve removed your paper sign in book and swapped it out for an iPad, Welcm can then help remove other things that can clutter up a reception area. Using our delivery handling features means mail and other deliveries will not be left lying around or sat on your reception desk waiting to be collected.


Automatic notifications of deliveries ensures the right people are notified immediately when mail or a package arrives. Not only does this help keep the clutter out of the reception area but it will also help your staff get on with their work, safe in the knowledge they don’t have to worry about their package and whether or not it has arrived.

Highlight Your Brand

Building a brand identity takes time and effort. Your reception area can be used to further highlight your brand to visitors. Welcm can provide you with the tools to help.1 mac 2 ipads geartech

Adding your corporate logo to your visitor sign in iPad and visitor badges is easy. Doing so will create a sign in experience that compliments and strengthens your brand in the mind of your visitors.

Adding your own backgrounds and messages allows you to truly customise your visitor sign in experience and get you brand identity across.

Improve Visitor Experience

We have focussed up to this point on how your reception area looks to visitors. As important as this is how your visitors feel. Welcm allows your reception team and staff to improve the way they interact with visitors. With less paperwork to worry about and no need to find and notify hosts, your team will be able to focus on making sure your visitors are comfortable, happy and tended to.

With visitor pre-booking available as part of Welcm your expected visitors can experience an even faster sign in process. With automatic notifications hosts are immediately aware when their visitors arrive, resulting in reduced wait times for visitors. Thanks to the photo capture feature hosts will know who to look for in reception so awkward first encounters are a thing of the past.

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Welcm can help you improve your visitor management processes, help your staff and offer the tools needed to help you maintain safety, security and data privacy compliance.