Visitor Management System Integrations

Visitor Management System Integrations

A look into what you can expect from Welcm Custom integrations

A look into what you can expect from Welcm Custom integrations
Visitor Management System Integrations


Some organisations find it hard to find an off-the-shelf visitor management system that meets their requirements. For these organisations we created Welcm Custom. Welcm Custom allows us to deliver bespoke visitor management systems on a SaaS basis, removing the large up front costs associated with bespoke software.

A Unified Solution

One of the most common requests to be included as part of a custom visitor management system is for custom integrations. These involve integrating our customers' existing systems with their new visitor sign in tool that we create for them. The existing systems can be anything from access control systems through to catering systems. What our customers want to achieve with integrations can vary fairly extensively however there is one core goal. That is to create a holistic solution. In this sense Welcm Custom visitor management systems can build on and improve existing processes and tools.

Our Experience

Through creating numerous bespoke visitor management systems, Welcm developers have extensive experience integrating 3rd party systems with Welcm. Alongside our Customer Success team, they will ensure our customers' new systems meet their requirements. Examples of integrations we have carried out include:

System: Room booking system

Requirement: Add meeting guests as pre-registered visitors in Welcm

System: Access control

Requirement: Create staff card swap facility in Welcm

System: Digital signage

Requirement: Visitor names displayed to inform staff of people on site

If you have any questions about integrations and a Welcm Custom visitor management system please get in touch.

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