Welcm All-in-One update: v.1.34

Welcm All-in-One update: v.1.34

Welcm All-in-One update: v.1.34


Just a little update for you this time in terms of the app. The big news is that your app has a new name… Welcm All-in-One. This has been done because we will soon be releasing a new product… Welcm. Welcm will offer more features, more customisation and an online dashboard to manage the system. Watch this space for news of the release!

App icon aio v.1.3

Welcm All-in-One app icon

Don’t worry though… for two reasons. First, we will continue to work on, support and update Welcm All-in-One. Second, we are offering existing customers a free upgrade to Welcm to say thank you for your custom so far.

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Free account: All the features, 1 location, 3 devices, 100 staff


If you don’t want to pay for your software on a subscription basis we have great news… a new one-off price which will give you Welcm for life! One app, one purchase… one less thing to think about!


Welcome to Welcm All-in-One… the new name for this app! 


In the spirit of inclusivity we’ve updated our date formats to be location non-specific.

We’ve improved the way Welcm All-in-One handles data, resulting in improved memory performance. Pretty interesting, right?!

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