System Explanation

What is Welcm?

Welcm is an all-in-one Virtual Reception and Visitor Management System available from the App Store. It allows companies to more effectively manage visitors. The Visitor Management System element of the app is what you use to manage the app (e.g. customise the Virtual Reception branding, view your visitors’ details). The Virtual Reception element of the app is what your visitors will use to sign in to your building. The app is free to download and you can have as many as you like attached to a single account.

Who is Welcm for?

Welcm is designed for businesses.

How does Welcm work?

Your visitors enter their details onto your Virtual Reception device. Welcm will immediately send a notification of the visitor’s arrival and informs the visitor their host has been notified.

Deliveries (coming soon):

Couriers select whether or not they require a signature (there is a further option available for lunch deliveries). Welcm will immediately send a notification of the courier’s arrival and inform courier of this.

Staff (coming soon):

Staff sign in on your Virtual Reception device. The time of their arrival is tracked. The process is identical for sign out.

What are the technical requirements?
Compatible Virtual Reception Devices:

iPad Air or later

Is it easy to set up and use?

Absolutely! Welcm helps you through every step of your setup and requires no specialist technical skills. If you can use a computer and a tablet you already know how to use Welcm.

How secure is Welcm?

We treat your data very carefully. In depth information can be found in the small print section of our website. Visitor information is held securely in-app and can only be accessed using a six digit passcode you choose upon creating a Welcm account. With the removal of your paper sign in book there is also no more salespeople thumbing through your visitors’ details seeing which companies have visited which hosts!

Do I have to be in the office to manage Welcm?

Currently, yes. However, Welcm will soon be moving the Visitor Management System element of the app to the cloud (please check our product development roadmap for more information). This will mean that if you have an internet connection you can manage Welcm. Whether you’re in the office, at home or on the train… just please don’t use it in the car (unless you’re a passenger)!


What is a Virtual Reception Device?

This is an iPad that you install in your reception area. It is what visitors and staff use to sign into your building.

What is a Host?

A Host is a member of staff whom visitors can select on the Virtual Reception device. Not every member of staff has to be a host so, for example, if your CEO does not want to be shown on the Virtual Reception she or he does not have to be.

What is a Visitor?

A Visitor is anyone who arrives at your reception area excluding members of your staff. They may be someone attending a pre-arranged meeting, a courier, your lunch delivery service, a salesperson, an interviewee or any ad-hoc guest.

What is a User?

A User is any member of staff who is given access to your system. We recommend all staff members have access to Welcm as they can manage their profile and visitors from the system (coming soon). We have a range of easy-to-manage user permissions so you can make sure each member of staff only has access to the parts of the system they need.

What is a Location?

Simply put, a Location is your office. If you are from a geographically dispersed organisation with several offices in different places you have several locations but you will still only need a single Welcm account.

What is a Notification?

A Notification is a message that lets a member of staff or a department know that someone has arrived for them in reception. These are all sent automatically by your Virtual Reception.


Can Welcm really save me thousands?

Absolutely! The average salary for a receptionist is around £20,000 so you can expect to save over £18,000 every year on salaries alone. That’s not to mention that Welcm never takes time off nor does it need a lunch break!

We have a receptionist – what would Welcm add?

Receptionists are some of the busiest employees in a high footfall office and have many more duties than registering visitors, notifying staff of a visitor’s arrival and handling deliveries. If those elements of their role can be removed they are free to concentrate on more valuable tasks and can provide a higher level of customer service to your visitors when required.

How does Welcm improve productivity?

“Hello. I’m here to see Jon”. “Erm… he’s not at his desk. Hang on please… has anybody seen Jon?”. If you don’t employ a receptionist everybody within earshot is distracted and loses focus on their work for a few minutes. Then of course if you do have a receptionist someone who is paid to do other work has to manage the reception area at lunch time or when your receptionist has time off . These and other problems are removed when Welcm takes control of your reception area.


Can I put my company’s logos on my Virtual Reception Device?

Absolutely! With the Welcm Visitor Management System you can add your logo, add background images and change the welcome message displayed on your Virtual Reception.

I don’t need all the features – will I get them anyway?

Yes. We give everyone everything but let you turn features on and off easily and at will. This means you can have exactly what you want and can change your mind at any time without it affecting your account or billing. No more compromising on features, no more guessing what you want before you’ve used a visitor management system, no more unexpected bills, no more running out of credits, no more hassle. Welcm is designed for you and by you.

I don’t want to show a list of employees to visitors – can I still use Welcm?

Absolutely! You can simply show a list of departments instead or use a free text field.


How does the trial work?

You simply create an account and get full, unlimited access to Welcm for 15 days just as if you have a paid subscription. We will let you know when you are drawing to the end of your trial period so you don’t forget to upgrade if you wish to keep the premium features. Don’t worry if you miss the cut-off though… your virtual reception will still function and keep all its data, only the premium features will be disabled. When you do upgrade everything will be as when you set up the trial so you don’t need to set it up again.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No! Welcm is sold on a monthly subscription basis. You can cancel anytime. If you do cancel your subscription you will have access to the premium features in Welcm for the rest of the month in which you cancel. Beyond that you will still be able to use all the standard features for free.

How do I pay for Welcm?

We use in-app purchases so you can instantly subscribe to Welcm’s premium features straight from the app.

Are there any hidden fees?

No! We have one price and for that you get everything Welcm has to offer. No tricks, no limits, no hassle.

What are the terms and conditions?

You can view our T’s & C’s, Privacy Policy and Data Policy online anytime. Your use of Welcm constitutes your acceptance of our terms.

Does the price include taxes?

No. Prices are ex-VAT.


Do you sell the hardware I want?

Absolutely! We sell a selection of hardware solutions to meet most requirements. Hardware sales are all processed, delivered and supported by our hardware partners ensuring you have the ease of getting your entire system in one place coupled with the peace of mind of post-sales support from a hardware specialist.

I already have hardware – can I use that?

Absolutely! If it is in our compatibility list, you can use it. You do not need to buy any hardware through us if you don’t need to.

Will Welcm work with my existing phone system?

Absolutely! Our notification system works with all mobile and landline systems and virtually all IP phone systems (coming soon). If you have a very old IP phone system it is worth checking with your provider but we are yet to find a system that does not support ours.